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John McAfee is a War on Cryptocurrencies

john mcafeeJohn McAfee says that there is an open war against cryptocurrencies, these statements he makes in his Twitter account, according to McAfee, they try to derail the train of progress that is on its way to the fourth industrial revolution, in the video we can see how it lists the Governments, banks, credit card companies and the SEC as some of the enemies of the cryptocurrency, says that these have come together to avoid the progress of the progress represented by the cryptocurrency.

Who more and who least should already know John McAfee, guru of computer security and promoter of everything that is cryptocurrency and blockchain. John McAfee is an American computer programmer and founder of McAfee. He was one of the first to design an antivirus software and to develop a computer virus scanner.

It is true that there are institutions that do not want to hear about cryptocurrencies, but it is also true that they are becoming less, in the case of blockchain, many banks are already adopting this technology, as well as governments and other institutions, in the case of the cryptocurrency, they are a little more reluctant, but there are also governmental institutions that are seriously considering the issue, as well as banks that not only allow their trade in their offices, but also some that are thinking of creating their own cryptocurrency.

Those who close completely in band to this train go forward, are precisely those who have more to lose, but not because they can not benefit, but because they are determined not to let others prosper, that is the only purpose of their insistence, preventing someone other than themselves from improving their quality of life.

A clear example of this stubbornness is the Visa company, which instead of supporting a new financial system from which it could benefit in a short time given its structure, is determined to prevent any crypto transactions between their cards.

One thing we have to thank those who are against bitcoin.

If these banks, governments, institutions, lobby, had dedicated the same effort to improve their services weighing globally for the benefit of all, instead of getting rich at the expense of the needs of others, and trampling on the most basic human rights, maybe the idea of ​​bitcoin would not have been born.

It is evident that those who hold the economic and social power do not want to let a decentralized market like bitcoin prosper, they want that power they now possess and enjoy, never disappear, and they will do everything possible to continue sitting on their sofa, the problem of this People.