Why be grateful to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies?

As in any area that touches money, the economy, whether currency issued by the country or in cryptocurrencies, always brings controversies, in the case of the cryptocurrency still much clearer, it is not going to be that this is seriously heard. Today I have been able to make some reflections with which I have identified myself and I want to share them with you. I read a post a few days ago in which explains how bitcoin can ruin your life, something like a utopia of what not to do, or with the bitcoin or any fiat currency.

After reading the post of “how the bitcoin ruined my life”, I want to do this by giving a point of view of why we should be grateful to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general.

You should be grateful to bitcoin if you got rich.

You should be grateful to bitcoin if you did not get rich, but your economy has improved.

You should be grateful to Bitcoin even if you did not get rich, even if you think it’s a scam, and even if the Winklevoss twins do not appear in your dreams.

You should be grateful to the bitcoin even if it was invented by a supervillain comic, and even if the code he worked with in his basement a decade ago became a power hungry dragon testing the limits of our power and electoral networks, including our sanity.

You should be grateful to Bitcoin because seen the endless characters that carry a transaction any longer you do not get so weird recipes that your doctor writes.

You should be grateful, even if you think it is a bubble that can explode and that you have not been able to take advantage of for many hours that you have thrown into the subject.

Bitcoin may not be worth anything and be everything, today you can have a lot of money and tomorrow half, even so, that feeling of living and working for you is priceless, or yes, your bitcoins, but well worth it, right?

You should be grateful to bitcoin if you have not yet become rich, is the reason why you are still reading this.
Now you can hear about bitcoin anywhere, where you least expect it, a few years ago it had to be with a small mouth, you will not be marked as a heretic.

This message could also be one more answer from the thread “How many times do you watch Coinmarketcap day” or from the other one entitled “What cryptocurrency to buy as an investment”, they are pure reflection of how bitcoin has gotten into our lives without knowing how, but knowing the why, and what we are looking for, some only make money, that is very good, and others waiting to earn money and that this contributes to change the world, something more to be grateful for.

You should be grateful that what you do with your cryptocurrencies is what will be reflected in the market.
How much can bitcoin be worth? Easy answer, whatever you want it to be.

Nowadays if a youtuber says on your channel that such a car is the best, hundreds of people but more, they will try to buy that car, or any other product that they promote, if they advertise it on TV, anyway, that’s why there are advertisements, because there are people who move for what the marketing says, but do not forget that the same marketing company that today announces Coca-Cola, tomorrow will announce Pepsi, that friend, has no added value, rather the opposite, is to play with our will and our sensations, with the moment. Now we have a unique opportunity to do something for ourselves, without opportunistic marketing paid by business interests that only look at the balance of accounts at the end of the year to present to investors, which, in case of not agreeing with the profits, will change your investment to another company, bitcoin is more than that, because everyone to a greater or lesser extent, we can influence with our currencies.
I’m not going to explain how the bank was born, not the one we know today, but the one that loaned wheat in exchange for other meats, birth stories there are many and some very honorable in spirit, I do not doubt that the intentions were good, but this idea has been distorted a lot to what we know today as banking. Now we have the opportunity to move away from traditional banking and get a little closer to the primary idea.

The latter I say because there are work groups that struggle hard to put a coin in an Exchange of “major” or the most popular, but all that work is useless no matter how well it is done, but pay to enter , and it pays expensive, that takes us away from the spirit of leaving everyone with the same opportunities, who at the outset has more purchasing power, already has more possibilities to better position their cryptocurrency, or even to create their Exchange, we move away gentlemen.


  1. Creo que hay más personas que quieren la suma de ambas, cambiar el mundo + libertad económica = Criptomoneda.

    Siempre los hay que solo quieran ganar dinero, evidente, si no, no existiría ninguna estafa, pero son los mínimos si hacemos comparaciones. A pesar de que hay días de buenas noticias y otros que no lo son tanto, vale la pena seguir.

  2. La verdad es que es un poco cansado leer según qué noticias sensacionalista sobre bitcoin, por supuesto los más sensacionalistas son los que están en contra, puesto se juegan su modo de vida actual, algo que, por supuesto no van a dejar perder sin plantar lucha, pero para eso estamos nosotros, para trabajar en favor del bitcoin y poner de relieve por qué prefiero bitcoin.

    Así que en este hilo iré recabando esas noticias que no hacen favor a ninguno a cualquier moneda fiat y por lo que estar agradecido de poder optar por algo alternativo como criptomoneda.

    Bitcoin no nos obliga a crear “Bancos Malos”

    Bruselas empuja a crear más bancos malos para reducir la “morososidad”. (Sí, ya sé que está mal escrito, pero es una noticia del economista y ya sabemos que no son de letras. Grin

    En la reciente noticia, Bruselas exige más fondos como garantía para los préstamos dudosos. Al parecer la morosidad sigue preocupando y mucho a la economía de la zona euro, ya tienen una bola de un billón de euros. Y la gran idea es seguir creando Bancos malos con el objetivo de meterles todas las cagadas bancarias a estos, de forma que aquellos bancos que la han cagado, puedan seguir cagándola.

    Bruselas da un plazo de 8 años para que todos los bancos se pongan al día con esta nueva jugada a la desesperada. Y el banco que no la cumpla, verá sistemáticamente como su colchón de crédito será automáticamente deducido de sus propios fondos, y ojo que esto es grave, a no ser, que luego venga papa estado y lo arregle subiendo los impuestos al ciudadano claro, tampoco sería la primera vez.

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