Video presentation of LightBitAtom

How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts?

Nowadays, the crypto industry is the most interesting field for investment. No other market brings such immense dividends. Every single dollar invested at the beginning of the year could’ve been multiplied thousand-fold. Unlike the world of traditional finance, the crypto currency market is available both to institutional and individual investors. No broker or intermediary is needed to invest in a project that looks attractive to you.

ICO is now the newest and most affordable tool for investors to find opportunities to invest in at the very early stage of a project. Using this technology, the odds are you can make a profit of hundreds, even thousands, of interest in a very short time.

Currently, there are only a limited number of exchanges that are centralized and mostly not regulated. And many of the ‘so-called’ decentralized exchanges keep their users’ crypto assets in the exchange’s wallets; in doing so, there’s a possibility the funds may disappear. It’s only when you have continual possession of your assets yourself that you can be 100% sure you won’t be scammed. Traders are forced to take these risks in order to be able to react to market changes at times. Apart from the risks there are other downsides as well, such as in and out fees, transaction stoppages, and, of course, loss of funds. Also, the tech support response takes forever, and the verification process can take anywhere from 2-3 business days to several weeks.

We are the first decentralized exchange that offers “buy” and “sell” orders of different crypto currencies and utilizes the technologies of Lightning Network and Atomic Swap. The special skills and experience of our team of software engineers and experts in trading has allowed us to develop a unique exchange concept and to offer the world a new decentralized platform for crypto currency exchange that will be available worldwide.

A user friendly, reliable, decentralized peer-to-peer exchange will fulfill the ambitions of all traders in the existing market. We offer our customers a unique opportunity to operate in different crypto currencies, place orders and make transactions directly from their own wallets, which avoids bringing the funds to the digital addresses of the platform. This guarantees the safety and fidelity of our customers’ assets. There is no part to trust, as it isn’t needed any more. The safety and security of traders is the main goal of any sustainable trading platform. This IS our principal and unique distinction among others. You don’t need to trust us. You have all the facilities of fast trading with only yourself to trust, and you don’t have to worry about the safety of your investments at our exchange. “Buy” and “sell” ordering works instantly for any crypto currency pair. Our unique algorithm that brings LightBitAtom Exchange to the top guarantees fail safe, speedy transactions.

Being fully decentralized, our platform has no in and out fees as we don’t keep your funds in our wallets. The verification process will be the quickest yet. Technical support will be available to respond to all requests 24/7. All these strengths will significantly save the time of our traders and investors. And because «time is money», the business in this market is like nowhere else.

Another bonus for LightBitAtom Exchange users is hosting information about new projects and ICOs according to a rating system selection. Having this source handy investors will be able to choose safe and credible options to invest in.

Accessibility and security are crucial factors in the crypto market that have become a unique standard. We, the LightBitAtom team, believe that everyone should have global access to top-rated crypto currencies.